Seznam top 20 oprav v IBM Notes/Domino 10.0/10.0.1

IBM vydala seznam TOP 20 oprav v IBM Notes/Domino 10.0/10.0.1. Seznam těchto TOP 20 najdete zde. Celý fixlist je potom zde. Za sebe bych ze seznamu vypíchnul následující:

  • SPR #CSMHAG9M5K – Fixed numerous display issues with Notes client on 4k displays.
  • SPR #NNAI8ZZ4EK – Fixed an issue that would prevent mail going to an internet user when the mail file was going over quota. Messages sent to Notes recipients would be sent but not MIME formatted recipients. After this fix, all users get sent the message despite going over quota.
  • SPR #LMAN7QPHSU – Fixed mail policy Sender Colors to accept multiple values. Before this fix, the policy would not work if it contained more than one sender name.

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