MaaS360 – novinky únor 2023

Během měsíce února 2023 byly vydány následující novinky a opravy pro jednotlivé komponenty MaaS360. Oficiální stránku s Release Notes.

MaaS360 Cloud Fixes

45780 – Registration fails when trying to enable compliance sync with Azure AD for Windows 10.

45755 – Administrators could not configure modern authentication for the Outlook app in the App Config.

45477 – Administrators could not access the details report in Mobile Data Usage Analysis in MaaS360 Portal.

45813 – QR code and Zero-touch enrollments failed sporadically at the Enable real time device ping step.

45493 – Administrators could not set up password-less authentication with Cisco IPSEC through VPN policies.

45875 – Administrators could not update existing devices with the new app catalog icon image.

45848 – The option to bulk delete users was unavailable on the User Directory page.

45610 – The Azure AD groups in the MaaS360 Portal disappeared when administrators updated those groups.

MaaS360 for Android

45813 – Android Enterprise QR Code and Zero-Touch Device Owner enrollments were failing during Enable Real Time Device Ping.

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