MaaS360 – novinky duben 2023

Během měsíce dubna 2023 byly vydány následující novinky a opravy pro jednotlivé komponenty MaaS360. Oficiální stránku s Release Notes.

MaaS360 Cloud Fixes

45838 – MaaS360 displayed inaccurate Minimum OS requirements for macOS applications on the App Summary page.

45986 – Home screen configuration templates were unavailable for selection in iOS MDM policies.

45876 – The Push iOS Update command does not go through.

45896 – The EULA agreement was not displayed properly in the MaaS360 for Android app.

45419 – When resetting the passcode through the device summary page, an error message was not displayed if minimum passcode requirements were not met.

46011 – The new app configurations for the Microsoft Outlook app were not applied to the iOS devices.

45911 – iOS policies could not be applied to devices until the Extensible SSO setting was disabled.

45899 – The incorrect policy precedence value was displayed on the Policy List view page.

45991 – An error message was displayed when administrators tried to apply the Knox Service Plugin (KSP) settings to devices.

45989 – An error message was displayed while searching for devices using the Device Type column on the Device Inventory page.

46061 – After deleting an existing Identity Provider configuration in IBM Security Verify (ISV), the Identity provider that was newly added in MaaS360 did not reflect in ISV.

46112 – MaaS360 could not retrieve device inventory details after enrollment.

46084 – Administrators were unable to reset passwords on Android devices through the MaaS360 portal. Path: Device Summary page > More > Reset Passcode.

45958 – Administrators were unable to upgrade an Android enterprise app after marking it as Primary.

46072 – Users were unable to open the MaaS360 App Catalog in the Kiosk mode.

45781 – After enrolling devices via afw#maas360 token, users were unable to access Play Store with their Google Workspace account.

MaaS360 for iOS

45752 – Fixed an issue wherein enterprise apps were unable to connect to MaaS360 Mobile Enterprise Gateway (MEG).

46069, 46049 – VPN profiles could not be installed on iOS devices when Endpoint Threat Management was enabled in the MaaS360 Portal. 

MaaS360 for Android

Notification permission changes in MaaS360 container apps

Support for System Update policies for Work Profile on Corporate Owned (WPCO) devices

45896 – Users were not able to view the EULA agreement correctly on Android devices within the MaaS360 app.

45547 – The garbled text was displayed when users opened a corporate website on the Secure Browser app.

45745 – During AE KME Enrollment, if the initial auth attempt failed, MaaS360 did not allow users to navigate to the previous screen to try and authenticate again.

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