MaaS360 – novinky duben 2022

Během měsíce ledna byly vydány následující novinky a opravy pro jednotlivé komponenty MaaS360. Oficiální stránku s Release Notes.

Cloud Fixes

44366 Apple devices did not receive the default MDM policy after enrolling through DEP.
44052 The PC Inventory Software report did not display existing filter options when subscribing for Email Delivery.
44520 Newly enrolled iOS 15 devices did not receive the VPN policy that consisted of the list of apps that were allowed to use VPN.
44600 Customers could not log in to IBM Security Verify portal through MaaS360.
44570 Administrators were unable to deploy iOS updates to device groups.
43277 Android devices enrolled in DO mode did not receive the latest version of an Android enterprise app.
43586 Administrators who subscribed to UEM Overview report did not receive the report to the configured email address.
43508 Administrators could not generate Mobile Data Usage Analysis reports in the MaaS360 portal.
44598 When adding an iTunes App Store app through the MaaS360 portal, the country Bosnia and Herzegovina was not listed in the region dropdown.
44293 Enterprise Email Integration for G-Suite stopped syncing new devices to the MaaS360 portal.
44635 Biometric unlock was disabled and users could not change biometric settings on the device.
 44576 A blank white screen was displayed when administrators tried to release VPP licenses from a device

iOS Fix

44367 If the pdf file had a comma in the filename, the pdf file was split into two files when imported into MaaS360.
44342 Users could not sign in to the MaaS360 app on DEP devices.
44283 The activation of iOS devices through a QR code failed with the „Enrollment Request Invalid“ message.
44136 The certificate pinning failed on devices due to an unsupported algorithm in the customer certificate.
44227 iOS devices were unable to play MP3 attachments that were received via emails on the Secure Email app.

Android Fix

44635 When users tapped on a biometric lock setting on the device, an error message was displayed and the setting could not be modified.
44604 Duplicate entries were created for the same device on re-enrollment.
43878 Shared devices that were enrolled without a user displayed an error message when users tried to sign in to the MaaS360 app.

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