Interim Fix 8 pro Notes 9.0.1 FP10

Pokud patříte mezi ty, kteří používají klienta Notes 9.0.1, tak právě vyšel Interim Fix 8 pro Notes 9.0.1 FP10. Instalční balíček stáhnete z FlexNetu a obsahuje následující opravy:

  • GUDAY8GCY – Fixed an issue in the Notes client where a blank tab would be shown after reopening tabs from a prior session
  • ZNDNBC8H3E – Fixed a Notes client crash on Windows 10 V1809 whenever the user tried to remotely connect to their machine via Remote Desktop Protocol
  • MSKAAYZMRS – Fix adds the encryption certificate to the exporting of the SP.xml in the IDPCat SAML authentication configuration
  • DLIMBDWQXW – Fixed a problem where the Notes client would hang on exit when Replication on exit was enabled. This regression was introduced in 9.0.1 FP10.
  • SANEBGZH2A – Modified the eclipse launcher code to launch eclipse in a new thread with stack size that can be set dynamically. Use -Xss value in to modify the thread stacksize parameter programmatically. For this SPR, „Client crashes when user opens email and the preview pane is open“, set the -Xss value to 2m to fix the issue. As part of this set the default value of thread stacksize to 1m, else Notes Designer will hang.
  • NKAH9RWEK9 – Fixed an issue with blank/generic icons appearing for shortcut link attachments. On Windows, a user can create a shortcut link to a file. This shortcut has the icon of the associated program. Prior to this fix, if the shortcut was attached in a rich text field in Notes, the icon would be a generic icon. This was a regression introduced in 9.0
  • RCCYASWN3W – Fixed an issue where fonts change when saving and sending emails from a custom application
  • DLIMBMMNSL – Fixed an issue where Notes client was crashing on a specific mime mail
  • JVEKAR6GWT – Fixed an issue with the Notes Client where Drag and Drop of an attachment from Notes to Chrome or Firefox browser would result in a 0 length attachment. Requires notes.ini Disable_opt_drag_drop=1 to be set
  • RJTOBM6SRS – Fixed an issue where the log file gets full due to an agent doing stampnotes
  • ZNDNB7ERV3 – Fixed an issue in Notes Basic client where clicking on links within MIME emails where the link included a target like _blank would result in the link opening up within IE instead of the browser specified in the user’s location document
  • NNAI8ZZ4EK – Fixed an issue that would prevent mail going to an internet user when the mail file was going over quota. In this case, the message would only get sent to Notes recipients and would NOT get set to MIME formatted recipients. After this fix, all users get sent the message despite going over quota.
  • ATHNAZ2H55 – Fix to NSD to capture the callstacks for the Notes client on Windows 10
  • RCCYAVPREM – Prior to this fix Notes Shared Login Fails With The Error „Notes Shared Login Failed With This Id File“ When Logging In To Notes Client for a Windows roaming profiles user. This was happening because NSL code was saving secret file to Local AppData folder which was not being roamed by customer as part of windows roaming.


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