MaaS360 – novinky leden 2022

Během měsíce ledna byly vydány následující novinky a opravy pro jednotlivé komponenty MaaS360. Oficiální stránku s Release Notes.  


  • 43623 When the subscription-based notifications are enabled through WorkPlace persona policies, the MaaS360 for iOS app crashed after signing in to the Secure Mail account.
  • 44074, 43686 The VPN setting was automatically turned off on iOS devices. As a result, the SDK apps failed to connect to MaaS360 Enterprise Gateway (MEG).
  • 44232 When the administrators deployed a certificate, users were unable to download the certificate on the devices and the configuration of certificates on the MaaS360 app failed.

Cloud Extender and Mobile Enterprise Gateway

  • 43396 Not able to access personal drive after password changed after changing AD password. 
  • 39818 No prompt for re-authorizing using Enterprise Gateway changing AD password.
  • 42287 IBM Java upgrade to version

Cloud Fixes

  • 43960 Administrators could not generate an App Inventory report to retrieve Device Details for an app in the MaaS360 portal. 
  • 44056 The user data was not displayed on the user view page if the user custom attributes were configured with the (/) symbol.
  • 43713 The storage data is missing in the Hardware Inventory report.
  • 44066 When a device merge action was performed via Devices > Exceptions workflow, the page darkens and the action does not complete.
  • 43908 When Install Automatically was selected on the App Summary page, the page became unresponsive.
  • 43686 An iOS Enterprise app could not connect to the database server.
  • 44105 An incorrect app icon was displayed for the Android app version 7.71 in the MaaS360 portal > App Catalog.
  • 43948 After enrollment, devices were displayed in the correct enrollment group, but users had to wait up to 15 minutes before app distributions were processed on devices.
  • 43996 Administrators could not publish an app configuration for the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app.
  • 44208  The default Android policy was not applied to the devices after the enrollment.
  • 44251 The DEP enrollments that require authentication against AD/AzureAD authentication could not be processed.

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