MaaS360 – novinky květen 2023

Během měsíce května 2023 byly vydány následující novinky a opravy pro jednotlivé komponenty MaaS360. Oficiální stránku s Release Notes.

MaaS360 Cloud Fixes

45357 – iOS Risk Exposure details were not displayed in the emails received from the MaaS360 portal, despite being shown correctly in the My Advisor section of the portal.

46098 – Endpoint Security policies were unavailable in the MaaS360 portal

46101 – Android devices entered a state of non-compliance based on the default compliance rule, but the Out of Compliance Reason field did not display the reason for non-compliance.

46088 – When the administrator entered a long URL for the Web Clip configuration in the iOS MDM policy, the URL was not correctly reflected in the published Web Clip.

46139 – Administrators were unable to publish specific policies. Upon submitting the Publish action, the browser remains in a loading state until it eventually times out without completing the publishing process.

46217 – Administrators could not edit the IBM ID and configure a new IBM ID under the Services > Identity and Access Management section.

46222 – Policies failed to be applied to iOS Supervised devices after enrollment anthe MaaS360 app was not installed on the devices.

46193 – An app was successfully installed, but the associated app configurations failed to be applied to the device.

46013 – An error message was displayed when administrators tried to add an app configuration for the SwiftConnect app through the App Summary page.

46235 – The Change Precedence window displayed duplicate OEM Configurations and policy precedence numbers.

46054 – The device attestation failed during Device Owner QR code enrollments.

45716 – The auto installation of Managed Google Play apps failed on the newly enrolled Device Owner devices.

45978 – The Push OS update action was unavailable for some macOS devices in the MaaS360 portal.

46164 – The Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) page experienced unresponsiveness, preventing administrators from changing their already uploaded VPP token.

46071 – The devices containing policy names with 2-byte characters were not displayed in the Advanced Search.

46249 – A device license error was displayed when users tried to enroll devices in the Profile Owner mode.

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