MaaS360 – March 2021 Daily Fixes Summary

V březnu 2021 byly provedené následující opravy chyb v cloudu MaaS360. Pokud jste se potýkali s nějakým problém, podívejte se zda nebyl vyřešen a případně informujte uživatele.

Fix number Description Date released
41988 An error message was displayed when administrators tried to update provisioning profiles for any app. 01-Mar-21
42122 The default Android MDM policy was unavailable in the MaaS360 portal. 02-Mar-21
42169 Some of the iOS public apps in the MaaS360 App Catalog did not receive the latest updates. 05-Mar-21
42437, 42499, 42347 Multiple policies were stuck at pending bulk edit status. 18-Mar-21
42206 Administrators did not receive My Alert Center email notifications. 22-Mar-21
41787 A WorkPlace persona policy was shown to have been assigned to a user group even though the WorkPlace persona policies were disabled by the administrator. 22-Mar-21
114813 Android devices did not receive the latest version of the Android MDM policy. 22-Mar-21
42252 The newly created custom roles were unavailable for the administrator that created those roles. 23-Mar-21
42241 Inaccurate installation status was displayed in the MaaS360 portal when the web apps were installed manually. 24-Mar-21
 42489  The new iOS & iPadOS enrollments did not receive iOS App Store apps.  24-Mar-21
 41514  MaaS360 will no longer sync the available iOS updates from Apple for non-supervised devices. For the supervised devices, MaaS360 will continue to display the available iOS updates in device summary > Hardware & OS > Available Updates.  
 114784  After changing the topic of APNs, the APNs cert serial number was displayed as undefined and enrollment was going to pending state  

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